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Practice & Performing

Clarinet Embouchure: E-Tips for E-Lips. This article features embouchure tips which have been heavily influenced by the ideas of master single reed teacher, Joe Allard.

Practice Routines. We live in world of routine. Developing and following a good practice routine that includes a warm-up, scales, sight-reading, etc. will greatly speed up your progress. The following are my practice routines.

Practice Tips. Here are some ideas I have found useful with my students and in my own practicing. These tips are presented in two versions. The first is a simple one page presentation that I often put on the reverse side of one of the Practice Routines above. The second is an expansion of the tips into an article that was published in a journal. The bibliography for the article is also below.

Clarinet Sound Projection. The article features some ideas on sound projection and suggestions on teaching them to clarinetists as a section and/or soloist. Most of the ideas would be useful to other instruments as well.

Performance Anxiety. Successfully dealing with the concerns of playing or singing in stressful situations, such as recitals, contests, auditions, etc. is an important part of being a good musician. I have found the following tips useful with my students and in my own performing.

All-State Auditions. Noted Texas clarinet professor Dr. Carol Jessup shares practical ways to prepare audition materials in the article below.